Ah…..wonderful day. Just fabulous. I don’t know what temperature we hit today, but it feels like summer. I’m in full summer regalia today: peasant shirt, shorts, birkenstocks. I am so woefully lacking in summer clothing. Now that I’ve slimmed down so much of late, I have so many more options…I’m thinking about sneaking down to Old Navy shortly to go look around for some cute things. My shorts are hanging off me. I’m not sure whether to be pleased of horrified.

And the triangle class did well today…we confused them to start with, but they got to do some fairly simple stuff in the end, though they’re already looking to doing things that are increasingly complicated. We have seats and room noises, a bot (gasp!) and one of the kids wants a version of the plague in her room. (It only too me 7 years to manage to get around to writing a verb…and this kid wants to do it after 3 days. Typical.) I’m very excited to see what they’re projects are going to look like.

Thinking about marginalia again today…this is kind of what it looks like in my head, when I think about what would be cool for marginalia inMOO.

So, we’ve got our text side, with the bots giving detail, and interactivity, and all that good stuff, the GUI window with the images and all of that, and maybe icons on objects that you can drag onto the little marginalia window, that will insert maybe some short notes about the object for reference (maybe the author of the object writes this) and then gives the reader the chance to make notes about this, that are saved after your session is done. Or in process. Something. Yes, this is a faked screenshot. 🙂

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