New Computer

New Computer

New computer at work. Must say, blogger looks nicer on this computer (windows) than it does on my computer (mac). I actually have bold and italics options here. Though, I’m pretty adept at adding html tags, so it’s not such a big deal….why oh why do they short change the mac user? Jealousy. Sheer jealousy. Well, trying to work and help out the triangle kids from a distance today….tricky. Very tricky. It’s rather difficult to direct a MOO conversation. People started making MSN comparisons, that that sort of thing. Bah. That so grates on me. Possibly because I can’t STAND chat clients and I’m so partial to moo.

I think….I think…my avacados might be ripe today. So tonight it going to be my first attempt at making guacamole. Oh me oh my.

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