Guacamole report: a little bowl of the stuff is sitting next to me as we speak. Not bad, not bad. 🙂 Definitely a good addition to my summer diet. Tomatoes, avacados, cucumbers, peaches, berries, what else do you need?

And, as I listen to the radio while I eat my dinner, I simply must comment about that as well. The Ontario government, constantly in search of people to demonize, has decided that in order to get welfare, people must not only get drug tested, but must pass a literacy test. Our premier needs one of those.

And….I just fixed my bots. I just fixed my bots. I mean, I programmed something that actually fixed the problems I’ve been having with my bots. Wow. I can solve programming problems. I’m so stunned. I feel like a different person now. 🙂

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