Ring Serivce

Ring Serivce

Well, I got asked twice if I could make a ‘ring for service’ feature for a class….so, I created an object (a bell) that, when rung, sends a message to me saying that the person who rang it needs me. (Don’t we all like to feel needed!) When it comes to class time, I suspect that bells will be ringing constantly. I’m not sure how I feel about responding to a bell, but it’s just more intuitive than a page…who pages people these days? And isn’t paging really when a person gets their name called over a loudspeaker? They’ll get to that eventually, but until then, then can ring the bell. And yes, we realize the disco connection. (I would have put on a sound clip if I could find one.) Of course, it won’t tell them anything special if I’m not online….not yet. That can be the project for tomorrow. No triangle tomorrow! Weep weep!

And I’m hitching a ride back to Guelph this weekend (again) to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress, and again I don’t have shoes yet. Maybe that also can be on my agenda for tomorrow. We were thinking about silver sandals. I’m sure I’ll have lots of uses for silver sandals later on in life…

And, I managed to convince Trish (a former Doe Lake camper and current native studies/psych/education student at Trent) not only to moo, but to get a char and build a room! Amazing! Granted, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to do it. She’s really able to see the possibilities of the place….so far, she’s the first person to have found me through my blog…I’m looking forward to seeing who’s next. 🙂

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