MOO class

MOO class

Worked *very* hard today getting ready for the next moo class that’s coming through. I don’t think I’ve written that many help files in my life. I’ve made a vending machine that dispenses pretty much everything…maps, the help bell, the file manager, the sketch board, my coin (just for fun), and all of my help files to date. I wrote a basic moo commands file (VERY basic), eMOOtions, building and personalizing your home, and MOOtiquette. I can’t quite decide what should be next, if anything. But my head is spinning, my stomach is roiling, and the idea of another help file makes me feel a little sick. So perhaps it’s time to switch gears.

I have NO idea how this class is going to go. I’ve already made a faux pas with my ring bell verb…it’s set up to contact me when rung, and then a list of others…but that list needed to be approved first. So I got my knuckles rapped for that. But the bell is working well now, and is appropriately coded, thankfully. I’m just hoping everyone forgives me my tresspasses and leads me not into temptation. Well, they can lead me into temptation if they really feel like it, since salmon has already led me to guacamole. 😛 Well, so I hope this class goes okay. I know how difficult it was when we switched the triangle kids from in class instruction to online instruction…it’s a real shift, it’s complicated. So this class is doing all their moo work from home….I wonder what issues will come up first. My desperate scrabbling for help files is my attempt to anticipate 12 students ringing bells at me all at the same time….

I definitely get the impression that I wasn’t the first choice for this project. But I also definitely see why it’s fallen to me. There are some people in this world that just can’t be depended on, unfortunately. But I’m pleased about the team that I’m going to be working with..Penny has some really interesting ideas, and I’m looking forward to seeing how those ideas grow as she comes really understand the space she’s working in…I think it will be amazing. And Miao is a sweetheart, I’m looking forward to working with her more closely. She’s a gem, and she has an amazing capacity to bring resources into the MOO. The shift for me from playing in the MOO to working in the MOO was almost imperceptible…I didn’t even really notice it until Trish asked me if achieve is a place where I play or work. What I’ve been doing with salmon and jason hasn’t felt like actual work. It hadn’t really occured to me yet. Maybe it’s because my actual ‘work’ is history, and this is all a sidebar that keeps me going…

I’m not sure what I would do without them right now. They, all of them, salmon, jason, emma, miao, brin, EvaB, rhonna, all of them, have really helped me move from a place of being totally miserable in Toronto to being pretty darn happy here. I’ll have to think about an appropriate expression of that….I’m sure I can now program something for that…

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