Up way too early as far as I’m concerned. I was at salmon’s until about 1:30am (eating, jamming, yacking, complaining, all the good stuff), and didn’t get into bed until about 2:30am. And of course I forgot that I had to be at work at 9am this morning. And I think I’m here until 5pm too. Great. What was I thinking? (Oh, right, money money money…) This place is a tomb too….I haven’t even seen my boss yet. Maybe he got hammered at the centre BBQ last night and is taking the morning off…I would be jealous, of course, but not unhappy about that….

Being tired always turns my mind to sad and disturbing topics…I found strange marks on my ankle this morning and was utterly convinced that it was skin cancer.

I’m half looking forward to the wedding this weekend (since I get to see some great people, after all) and half dreading it with all my heart. Armies have been mustered on both sides of the family warzone. The little white flag has been pulled down and the muskets are in full view. So it’s just a matter of time for the fireworks to really start….

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