Random updates

Random updates

Well, someone at work offered to take my Friday shift, thank god, so now I can go home. Fun. Well, it will be fun, I’ll be staying with Andrea and Erik, who are also hosting Blake and her boyfriend….I adore Andrea, I adore Erik, and I adore Blake, so I assume I’ll adore her boyfriend too if I get to know him. 🙂 And that very nice girl Lisa I met last weekend lives downstairs, how handy. And Andrea went ahead and included me in her lunch plans for Friday….added me to the tally for the reservation. What a doll. So aside from all the other stuff I’m going to have to do (spend time with grandma, and my aunt Ingrid, and yet somehow manage to avoid seeing my father and making my mother feel in the middle again), it should be a good time. As long as I can find a bra to wear with that damn dress….for some reason, the dressmaker decided to eshew the only request I made of her….that the back COVER the BRA I WAS WEARING WHEN SHE MEASURED ME. It’s a good three inches too low. So now I have to find some fancy-ass bra to go with this dress. And the straps were a bit wonky too. So I guess that’s Friday’s activity…trying on dress, forcing dressmaker to finish it, blah blah blah….

And I have phone calls to return in spades after work today. And after the shopping I must do before that. And I’d really just like to read my book. Oh, and I think my new book from chapters arrived in the mail, I got a notice for a package and that’s all I’m expecting. The Stone Carvers, it looked like another great Canadian novel.

salmon and I agreed that we should go to Another Story on the Danforth to redeem our gift certificates, gifts from Patty and Triangle. I’m almost drooling at the thought. Someone (maybe it was Soshi?) suggested to me that when you get a gift certificate like that you should buy an expensive book you would never buy yourself. So the question is: do I go for (expensive) quality, or quantity? A series of softcovers? Maybe 2 1/2 hardcovers? A coffee table book? My leaning is to go for quantity…since it’s going to be quality away. This reminds me of my weekly sci fi book purchase in high school….I would go to the bookstore every Friday with a 5 dollar bill and get a sci fi/fantasy paperback and pocket the nickel. And every time I scanned the options, I was always chosing between 3 or 4, and, since they all cost the same, I usually picked the thickest one. Those were the days….

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