Wedding Hell

Wedding Hell

I’m in the middle of wedding hell. Well, now I’ve got 15,000 bobby pins in my head. I have a very cool hairdo, admittedly. It looks like a fountain. I’ll have to get some pictures of it up one of these days. And roses, little roses in it. But it hurts some, because I have a pretty sensitive head, and sheesh, those bobby pins aren’t forgiving. (Who is the bobby character, anyway?) And I got some knee highs to go under that dress, which, I think, is currently at the Mazar house being worked on by my seamstress of an aunt, who want to add an inch or so under the arms. And all I really want to do is take a nap, but I can’t lie down on this hair. But my sandals are damn cute.

So that’s the current update…it’s not raining at the moment, but just you wait….no doubt it will be POURING come time…it would be kind of cool if it were thundering madly too. Memorable. Of course, that navy taffeta won’t like the rain much. Sheesh.

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