Wedding debrief

Wedding debrief

Well. I’m home now, and my head is still hurting. Could I possibly complain about that any more than I already have? Argh. What a weekend. The ceremony went remarkably well. Though, to start, Melissa and the rest of us girls (Blake, Andrea, Krista and me) left her house and were to walk to the boathouse, where the ceremony was to be held outside. We went two blocks before Melissa realized she’d taken us the wrong way. So we walked way around the park and got honked at by several passing cars. And then we walked across the park, and we all got wet feet and Blake got maple keys in her shoes.

It was too cold for the dresses, but it worked out okay. We processed one by one across the covered bridge over to the boathouse on the other side, and the actual ceremony took place at a memorial for the victims of the Montreal massacre. The wedding party faced the river, and the entire crowd stood behind us holding candles. Poor Peter bawled through his vows, it was very sweet. Blake told me afterward that she saw a tear hit his lapel And of course Melissa laughed through it, so that was cute. And afterward we ate and talked and the crowd thinned out and finally I could sit.

At about 11pm I got Janine to take the bobby pins out of my head. Argh. It didn’t even look too bad afterward, thank god. The boathouse looked remarkably good and I think it all went pretty smoothly…though, Pete’s mother made some *interesting* comments at the cake cutting…and Shawn, Peter’s brother, took over the ‘MC’ tasks, wonderfully. He did a nice job.

And then finally the dancefloor got cleared, and the computer got cranked up and MP3s played for the rest of the night….my parents and grandmother and aunt stayed longer than I thought they would…the liquor licence was in my father’s name, so he stayed until 1am when that was *supposed* to give out. I don’t know what really happened after that…I tried to tidy up some, and then I passed out on a couch. For a bit. Then I got cold again and Erik drove me home.

Everyone else else stumbled in in shifts at some point after that…and I woke up thinking that a cat was creeping into my bed…but it was Krista. She decided to share the futon with me.

And….well, I got home yesterday, completely exhausted. And went to bed and got up this morning to go to work…still exhausted.

But…this afternoon I did manage to do some good work on Bingen…I’m writing verbs to make the marketplace more interesting. Now you can buy stuff there, if you have enough money. And then I think i’m going to make the rest of the project interact with you based on what you’re carrying…

Anything else? Hmmm…I made soup. And I bought apricots, too early, but still good.

I simply adore the Busty Whores, and Krista. (And Erik, an honourary BW, and their neighbour, Lisa, honourary Starbucks(tm) BW.) So in spite of some of the inherent difficulties with this weekend, it was saved by the BWs. I even got a cute shirt out of it.

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