MOO Teaching: How can we make it easier?

MOO Teaching: How can we make it easier?

Well, we seem to be meeting on Tuesday to talk about online teaching. I think that will be very profitable, because I’m still trying to figure out how to formulate in my own mind how I think it works. Or, how it doesn’t work. Trying to target problems, and think about what we can do to fix those problems. It’s really an amazing feeling to know that you can actually either fix some things yourself, or get someone else to fix them….so much control over your environment, making it easier/better.

But certainly right now achieve is designed for new users by people who understand the space inside and out. So that can’t really help the process…

Things I’ve noticed:
1) students often have trouble with the concept of looking at things, looking at themselves, and looking at others. Possibly a scavenger hunt helps with this: what’s an object look like? A person? An exit? I expect some focus on the ‘visual’ elements of the moo as well. Maybe? I don’t know. We need to remember that that requires an orientation too.

2) paging versus being in the room. Granted, I think paging is….hold on, gotta run…

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