MOO teaching: Part II

MOO teaching: Part II

Sorry about that, I had to close up and run like the wind after that last time….

2) Paging versus being in the room. What the heck is paging all about, anyway? Yes, I know I use it all the time…but it’s a terrible metaphor, actually, and new users seem to have a tough time understanding the concept. So I don’t know what I’m suggesting exactly, but I know it stumps people (responding to you when you’re not in the room), which, again, might be made easier with an introduction that focuses on objects (look around, watch people come in and out of rooms….aha, that should be in the scavenger hunt too…something about being consious of what it looks like when someone’s in the room…)

3) and….oh, sheesh, will you believe it? Janine and her friend Nancy are on her way up as I write this…so I have to run off again before finishing. Bah.

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