MOO and the Humanities

MOO and the Humanities

salmon found some interesting comments about MOO and the humanities….apparently historians don’t work the way I do, what a big surprise. Every once in a while I get a glimpse that I’m actually doing something quite radical, but mostly I think it looks pretty obvious to me. Ah well…hopefully one day people will understand. I guess if all else fails, this idea will just die a slow death…

Well, I mentioned that I added some little exclamations to my town. I think I went a little overboard with them. I think they confuse people. I should use that sparingly.

I’ve also decided (and this is SO not historical, just fun) that I will skew the say verb again somewhere else (somewhere) so that characters SING everything you say. Heeee….

Oh, also, while I was at work today, I met a really enthusiastic guest who is a teacher in Hawaii. She teaches 6th grade and she was THRILLED with the MOO. I showed off my stuff (a bit) and some of Vickie’s stuff (Vickie and Cara have some really lovely stuff on achieve). I did that without her permission and I feel badly about that….I going to get some blanket permission to tour their stuff. Actually…now that I think about it….that’s something for the Project for the summer….an A list of projects (how elitist of me) for people who visit who want to see some stuff…just a thought.

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