argstr additions

argstr additions

Last night I finally tweaked the say verbs in the streets so that random shakespearian phrases are added before or after the argstr. I’m quite pleased with how that works, but I wonder how it will be recieved. They’re all pretty meaningless exclamations, or generic enough that they shouldn’t actually skew what the person says…but i tried to pick things that had a different feel to them, where the language wouldn’t be what we would choose, just to bring the visitor right into the place where they have found themselves. Hopefully EvaB will bring someone by shortly to test it…and we’ll see what they think.

I’ve also decided to start another ‘section’ of Bingen. This part is neither particularly spatial nor narrative (well, it will probably be slightly narrative.) I need to get back to work on my comps, so I think what I’ll do is create a timeline online. So far I’ve decided that this should be a series of ‘rooms’ organized by date, started from #1965, and moving forward. I suppose the description of the ‘room’ will detail the major events, and possibly I’ll have objects representing some other events. I haven’t entirely decided yet. But I will link out from the timeline to the relevant portions of Bingen. Actually, the timeline may actually just be another way to access Bingen chronologically instead of spatially.This isn’t so much a place as a series of notes. And I expect it will help me remember some of the details (ie, names of kings, important documents, etc).

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