Well, I don’t think it could get any hotter. I’m melting here. My sister and I went to the mall and found funeral outfits. (Funeral is on Wednesday.) We had a good time in spite of our reason for being there. I just got out of the workstudy meeting on achieve, and Laurie stumbled on! Hooray! How I miss her….I know I owe her a trip out there, and I’d better get on it…Oh, funeral. It’s my Uncle Juris. He’s not really my uncle. Actually, he’s my grandmother’s cousin, on my mother’s side. But really, really really, is was the closest thing I ever really had to a grandfather. I’m glad though that while he’s been suffering for years because of the affects of the numerous strokes he’s had (suffering, along with his wife, my aunt Ruby), in the end he was diagnosed with cancer, far too much for them to do anything about, and he died quickly after that. They had just taken a trip out east and had a lovely time…when they got back home, Uncle Juris just felt terribly tired.

I’m not sure what to say about belief these days…I’m suspicious of atheists now, where I used to be a vehement one. (Who am I to say what is and what isn’t?) And I don’t believe most of what’s said about god. I don’t particularly believe in an afterlife, though, I recognize my profound inability to have a well-informed opinion on the matter. But I can hope….that perhaps there’s a moment, between life and death, a moment of profound well-being, that stretches out and seems to last forever…and that’s where I like to imagine my uncle juris is.

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