More on Homosexuality from the experts at Metafilter
i find it difficult to believe that homosexuality could be so sudden, but i suppose such is possible; if it were so, i would argue that its genetic basis may well be different from other homosexuals for whom evidence of their orientation is there throughout their lives. that probably complicates the matter from a genetic point of view quite a bit.

Um….who *doesn’t* feel different as teens? as pre-teens? Who doesn’t feel that they’re just not quite like everyone else? Who are these famous people who walk into their high schools and say, “ah yes…this is where I should be. The people here are JUST LIKE ME…they think like I do, and I never ever worry about saying or doing anything that they would consider ‘uncool’, but I completely understand what normal is.” I think gay people have the advantage of using their sexuality as an excuse for being weird kids. Being weird or feeling different from others isn’t what makes someone gay. The rhetoric is strong, but I personally have serious doubts about it.

A note from your Ultimately Normal Hildegarde(tm)

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