What did you do last night?
[+][beam] Brin [to Hildegarde]: I went for coffee, then to Canadian Tire, then to Wendy’s (which made me feel sick, oddly enough), then to coffee again until 3am (where I got to hang out with people I don’t like all that much, with a few exceptions. Plus this kind of cute guy showed up, but then I noticed he had his tongue pierced, and I shuddered and purged thoughts :)). 🙂

I was supposed to go see Planet of the Apes, but I kind of decided early on that I didn’t want to…I wanted to prepare myself for this event. So I met up with Jason at the Duke of York (And ditched my CRRS buddies, to my own horror) and had come chicken fingers with an obscene amount of plum sauce. And then….well, what did I do. I played with the cam, and then decided to go grocery shopping at midnight. I was hoping that the later I stayed up the most awake I would feel tonight. Let’s see if that works.

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