Fan Sites: Turning the Tables

Fan Sites: Turning the Tables

Tom over at Menucha Blog says about fan sites: There is a function for any fan page. Yes, I know this. People like to know things about their favorite personalities in the media, and to feel some connection. We all like connection. Also, In this day and age, knowledge is all the rage. We like to know things that we couldn’t possibly have any use for, but things that might come in handy at the next social gathering we attend. If you can’t say anything nice about yourself, then say something nice about Charlize Theron… or a part of her anatomy… or her career. Whatever.

He then goes on to add his own fan site details: does it make us know something about each other? Is it useful information? In a fan site, it’s typical, what’s the point of it? Since Tom did it, I thought I’d follow suit. (Blogging is, after all, a form of celebrity.)

Rochelle Mazar
Height: 5’6 and a bit-ish
Weight: the relationship between myself and gravity is very, very private.
Hair colour: brownish
eye color: random (bright green first thing in the morning, greyish most of the time, and occaisionally blue, depending on what I’m wearing.)
place of birth: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Birthday: August 2nd, 1974
Age: 27

Rochelle’s favourite things:
place to visit: my bathtub
colour: yellow and pink
tv show: The star treks, Blind Date, Queer Television
food: chish and fips, cheese of most varieties, guacamole. I only order stuff in restaurants that I can’t make myself, so if I order a sandwich I usually spend the time kicking myself, unless it has grilled portabello mushrooms on it, or something complicated. I’m trying to go easy on the carbs too, and, again, since pasta is so easy to make, I prefer not to order it. But damn, there’s nothing like a good fettacine.
Band: Those ouchless clear elastics that make your braids look like their staying braided miraculously, though i can’t use them any more, as I have no more hair.
favourite thing to listen to: the radio. CBC radio one, This American Life (NPR), anything with reasonably decent talk.
favourite music: random. Whatever the people I love are listening to, unless they listen to something I can’t stand.
CD in the player right now: Shrek soundtrack.
Favourite books of all time: The History of the World in 10 1/2 chapters, Green Grass, Running Water, The Robber Bride, Not Wanted on the Voyage, How we Survived Communism and Even Laughed, Our Lady of the Lost and Found, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Edible Woman.
Favourite Historians: Katharine Park, Lyndal Roper, Deborah Valenze, Clarissa Atkinson, Jane Abray
Favourite academic monographs:The Holy Household, The Reformation of Ritual, Domination and the Arts of Resistance, Local Religion
Favourite virtues: Honesty, integrity, nobility of spirit, decency, mercy, kindness, strength to avoid cruel and unreasonable behaviour
Favourite vices: blogging, MOOing, iced tea, Hogaarden, body shop salt body scrub, oversleeping
Folks: dad, Victor, currently not speaking to the celebrity in question because she’s not flawless; mom, Heidi, rock of the ages, joy to behold, 8th wonder of the world; sister, Melissa, artistic genius, crazy woman who only had two (count’em) wedding showers, resident non-hair-brushing expert.

That was fun. Did we learn something?

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