World Trade Center Twin Towers

World Trade Center Twin Towers

This image probably needs no introduction…it’s all anyone’s talking about today.

You say, “some guy they interviewed on the street in NY…”
You say, “he was saying, ‘there are still bodies falling out of the sky'”
violent_blue says, “oh god, cnn tv is talking about the woman that called from the bathroom of the hijacked plane”
Hildegarde [to violent_blue]: “oh god”
violent_blue says, “they have a pic of her”
violent_blue says, “apparently she called her husband”
violent_blue says, “how fucking sad.”
violent_blue says, “and they’re totally interrogating this guy about details”
You say, “the husband?”
violent_blue says, “and she wasn’t even supposed to be on the flight, but it was her husband’s birthday and she wanted to get home to be with him”
violent_blue nods at you.
wu says, “thats fucked up”
violent_blue says, “barbara olson”
wu says, “fuck”
wu says, “i can see them bringing bloody people”
wu says, “outside my window”
You say, “oh my god”

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