Something on TV

Something on TV

It’s a medical show. And they’re covering a topic that interests me. Normally I don’t really go for medical shows, I find them boring and gross, normally. But this one…I don’t even know what it is, actually. There’s a very cute girl on it, though. She reminds me of…what’s her name? That girl from Kissed. You know, Molly Parker. With the freckles.

But anyway, that’s not what I’m writing this for. They’re doing this show about a kid who gets some kind of kidney disorder, or something. And they need a transplant, and no one’s coming up a match. And the doctor says, is there anyone else in the family we can call? The mother says yes, the father says no. Turns out there’s another son in the family, an older boy. He’s been in prison for molesting little boys, including his younger brother.

How do you deal with something like that as a parent? I mean, seriously. The mother was trying to patch things up, but the father, oh man. He had a serious hate on for his older son. The brother was out of jail now, and his mother brought him into the hospital secretly. Turns out he’s a match, but when the father walks in and sees the son, he yells and slugs him. Totally, full hate on.

I have said before that incest is anathema to the concept of family. I mean, there’s an agreement there, there’s a line that you can’t even come close to crossing. And I have said that I couldn’t imagine moving on from something like that. The trust is broken, the family is destroyed. But the fact is it doesn’t destroy families. Familes go on with issues like that all the time.

A good friend of mine was molested by her brother and her mother walked in. What exactly are you supposed to do in a situation like that? How does a mother deal with having the perp being…her own child?

So I’m glad to see someone wrestling with this. Not just that incest happens, but that people move on from it. That family is still family and those relationships continue.

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