My Location Updates

My Location Updates

I really wish I were in my new place. I really do. But hopefully I will be soon. The place will look extremely vacant without the offerings from my sister. She’s got a dining room set and a couch for me. Without that, well, all I have in my living room in a chair, a coffee table, an end table, and a bookshelf. Bit dull, no?

So Ben: yes, you can stay with me, but I’m not sure I have a place to put you. In fact, I really want you to stay with me, so I’m kind of hoping my family manages to move that stuff from my sister’s place to my place before Friday night….

My dad got me the most kick ass chairs for my balcony. Like, truly gorgeous, v. comfortable. Two of them. They’re smaller than my muskoka chairs, which is good because this balcony is only about a quarter the size of my old balcony. That was an outrageously large balcony.

Andrea Higgins, you need a blog. That’s my new thought on that. Melissa needs one too, but she’s too busy and too not into computers to get one. This is why I will keep the Max Coleman blog.

God I hope this settles it self out soon. I’m so cut off over here, really. I can’t send email, you have no idea how frustrating that can be. I’m sending email via weird webmail clients. Very weird to me. GAH.

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