0 thoughts on “Laugh Out Loud

  1. As Rick Mercer said last week – It’s like Christmas year ’round!
    I’m loving this!
    And he has a point. Harper is really scary.

  2. ABC – Anyone But the Conservatives. I’ll vote for the Bloc before I’ll vote for the Cons. Somehow I just don’t like relgi… I mean political parties who just want to punish you for not being them.

  3. Devon & Jason: I first met Stephen Harper 1998 – speaking at a NON-political event. Was I scared by HIS scariness? Absolutely terrified.
    Met him again 2000: Scary? Shakin’ in my shoes!
    Again in 2003: Scary? Absolutely quaking!
    Again in 2004: Scary? Didn’t sleep for a week!
    Again twice this year: Scary? Ohmigod, I think he’s just scared me into voting FOR him and the Cons!

    [That’s really not how a representative democracy is supposed to work, yanno. R.M.]

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