Course (Learning) Management Systems

Course (Learning) Management Systems

You know what would be cool? If course management systems made use of the proof of concept shown to us by EyeOS. So you’d still log into a system, but that system would look like a desktop with applications and files on it. Launch the discussion board, open the syllabus, work on a collaborative document, open the IM client and see who from your classes is online…internal movie viewer, audio player…discreet client for searching databases/the library catalogue…space there to save your work (say, on the desktop, or in a my documents folder)…post it notes on the desktop when your instructor has something important to say to you…

Just sayin’.

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  1. oh, great. I wasn’t sure how much you were into eyeOS… you probably said and I was distracted. I’ve been thinking a lot about it. Let’s get an eyeOS telnet interface on the moo. I do have an eyeOS server running on the box 🙂

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